Close-up of a woman in sportswear measuring her waist

How to Lose Weight in 7 days at Home


1. Take care of your sleep

Holiday is over and if you give up waking up late. Even if you have no reason to wake up in the morning, it’s time to start doing it. You’ll notice that the day will be longer and you can organize various activities that will make you feel better.

2. Remember breakfast


When you wake up, you get hungry sooner. Try to reintroduce cereal and milk or yogurt in your breakfast menu. Will give you energy and you have a more durable state of fullness throughout the day.

3. Do not forget to hydrate

The idea is to hydrate with water. Leave aside the bottled sodas and teas with high sugar content. Water is the healthiest and help the body drain toxins accumulated in the last period. And remember: two liters a day!

4. Eat raw vegetables and lean meat for lunch

Spinach, lettuce, celery, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes provide many vitamins and antioxidants. Try vegetables and herbs with a little olive oil. Add lemon juice and you’ve managed to make an excellent salad. To this add grilled chicken or grilled fish.

5. Do not forget fruit

Fruits are very important in your physical and mental recovery. They contain many vitamins and give you energy. Eat morning snack: banana, grapes, strawberries or berries. This rule of eating fruit will make your digestion easy and will help you burn more calories.

6. Walk


You have to give weight down but do not have time to go to the gym. No problem. Walking is a hundred times more beneficial. 30 minutes daily and you immediately notice the difference. You get rid of migraines and excess weight.

7. Do not skip dinner

It is very important to have dinner every night. The fact that you want to regain your physical condition does not mean you should starve yourself. In the evening you should eat a light chicken broth or vegetable broth acidified with soup. If you are not consuming liquid food you can try a salad of greens with dressing of yogurt or low fresh fruit salad.

Following this rules, you can loose your belly or tummy fat in a matter of days. We wish you good luck on your way to a slim body and hope this information will be useful for you. Feel free to leave your comment below, if you have any suggestions or questions.